As a Product Designer at Edmodo, I was fortunate to not only work on the main website, but also work on the mobile app as well.

The Challenge

Improving an already robust and full-featured mobile experience.

Edmodo's mobile app experience was already in full swing. As lead designer of Edmodo, it was important that as new screens and pages were created, that the overall consistency within the Edmodo brand was established. As new screens and needs were created, I was able to work on the screens as well as help oversee the overall look and feel. 



When working on the Edmodo mobile app, luckily we had a huge amount of users, with over 50 million people who use Edmodo, we were able to do a lot of user research, as well as A/B testing whenever we could. 

With each step along the way, we made sure that every screen that was on the Edmodo app, had a purpose and that it was needed for the overall experience of the user.