Backplane was built to celebrate your own unique perspective. We all have different interests and aspects of our lives. At the end of the day, you’re the same person.


It’s likely you speak and behave differently depending on your environment. Place is built to reflect that notion..

My Role

Working at Backplane was a role where I had to wear many hats, and work on many different projects all at once. We had a great team and we were a true team. Backplane had many great designers attached to it. My main roles at Backplane was User Interface design as well as UX design.



Landing Page

I wanted the landing page to really express the community, but still keep consistent in a clean look and feel.



Profiles need to express the people who call them "home". We wanted to have a place that expressed individuality, as well as let people feel welcome and invited.


Pro Profiles

Celebrities, companies, and other big timers need a place where they can really leave a mark. we wanted the leadership profiles to really stand out.

With all the bells and whistles.